Real estate law

In the field of real-estate law, the Firm provides advice and litigation assistance to individuals, property managers, co-ownership managers, notaries, semi-public companies specializing in expropriation and more generally companies of all sizes.


The Firm provides advisory services in all areas of real-estate law, including :

  • the negotiation and drafting of commercial leases and residential leases ;
  • the revision and proofreading of promises to sell and deeds of sale ;
  • procedures for determining residential rents and commercial rents ;
  • lease renewal ;
  • the preparation of building permit applications, urban planning and expropriation operations ;
  • agreements concerning occupation of the public domain and public domain issues generally


The Firm has recognized experience both in pre-litigation and litigation before the relevant courts (district courts, commercial rent judges, administrative courts, courts of appeal, administrative courts of appeal, expropriation judges, regional courts, etc.).